The Grabbin Ash Pan Reviews

The Grabbin Ash Pan Reviews

  • 06 Jun 2016
  • Grabbin Ash

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for the Grabbin Ash Pan. I thought we could list a couple of our recent reviews from customers so you can see what people are saying.

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My teenage son fights me for the pan when it comes time to clean the smoker. One pass and your done. Still looks brand new after being outside for almost a year. Highly recommend.
Cabot, AR

I've had this pan for a year and it's been sitting outside in the weather attached to my grill and it's in the same shape as it was the day I bought it, really great durable pan that gets all the ash and grime out of your pits, highly recommend it if you like to bbq!!
Columbia, Mo

This pan is awesome!!! I cleaned my entire smoker in 10 seconds. Not only is it fast but extremely effective. I didn't drop or lose any ashes while using this pan. It worked so well in my smoker that I decided to use it to clean out my fireplace. Again I was seriously impressed on how fast and easy this pan made cleaning out ashes. Thanks GrabbinAsh.
St. Louis, Mo

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